The Hitch Demon Kickstarter is now live and growing. Be one of the first to have a Demon on your tail by pledging countless riches to the project and gaining immortal glory and untold admirers. Join the team, FOR WE ARE LEGION!


Take truck and SUV customization to the next level with the Global Media Award winning product, the Hitch Demon! Using this Wi-Fi enabled micro projector, controlled by your smart phone, you can represent the things you love, whenever and wherever you are on the road!

Hitch Demon fits any standard sized hitch on most vans, motor homes, box trucks and SUV's, so whatever your ride, you can express yourself

Hitch Demon gives TAILGATE PARTY a whole new meaning.

Take customization to the extreme—right on your tailgate—with “tats” that display your personality, your way. ‘Cuz that’s how you roll.

Change designs with your mood, your game, your season. You can even download images right from your smartphone. Celebrate your favorite sports team or hobby. Fly Old Glory—or your own freak flag. Whatever it is, say it loud and say it clear. And when your significant other rolls her eyes, tell her the demon made you do it. Hitch Demon.

(Patent# US008696130B2)

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